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About Crossroads Capital Partners

We invest in companies built around people, processes, and the management of information. Crossroads Capital Partners provides capital for investment in the business and liquidity for sellers. We work in partnership with management to develop strategies for growth and to drive business improvement, particulaly through the use of information technology, process reengineering, and change management. Examples of technology driven improvement include:

  • Elimination of paper and the associated manual processing, postage, and other costs
  • Creation of web-based and e-commerce solutions and integration with traditional processes
  • Optimization of customer service channels through call routing, load balancing, and reduction of waiting times
  • Customer-enablement through online billing, account management, and customer service
  • Utilization of advanced data-mining techniques to improve decision making

Why We Are Different

Crossroads' deep expertise in using technology to improve productivity and accelerate growth, combined with its private equity investment and operational experience, makes it a unique and valuable investment partner.

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